Ghosting/ Output Velocities

So I know with “output velocities due to vertex deformation” and Velocity Pass selected to “write during base pass” reduces ghosting on moving objects. Now I’m not even sure what these do, I just know what it does, but I’m now faced with another option in Preview that is “Write after base pass” … Can anyone explain to me maybe a little bit of whats going on, and perhaps lead me in the right direction as to either “write during” or “after” cause I really don’t know… Thanks

Probably not even in the right section, sorry

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I’m in the same boat, my friend. In my situation, setting the Velocity Pass to “Write after base pass” resolved some issues with the ghosting of Nanite foliage. However, I’m not sure what else might have broken at the same time.

Maybe voting for this bug will help getting it fixed :slight_smile: