Ghosting moving object.

Hi, I have some severe ghosting issues with my prototype.
The camera is at the moment static, objects & terrain moving from top to bottom.
Searching the web gave me so far 2 possible culprits. Anti-aliasing & motion blur.

Antialiasing is set to none, & I am not yet using a post-processing object (when I use a post-processing volume & motion blur not ticket same issue.).

When I use F8 to use the free float cam it looks exactly as I would want it to be. No ghosting. So I assume there has to be a way to set the actual player camera to get the same effect.


Cameras blur motion by default.

Those are not checked. (like shown in your screenshot.)
I tried enabling the checkboxes. & setting all to 0 same no change.

A mistake on my end. Had the project just now opened up 2 times. would not save the change. But yes, checking the checkbox en turning the values into an off-state worked. (I assumed not checked meant off).

Thank you for your help.

Not-checked means not overridden and then the default value is used.