Ghosting in UE5

Hello there,
I only do cinematic with UE so realtime performance isn’t an issue for me. I noticed the ghosting happened a lot compared to UE4!

Doesn’t matter it’s Temporal AA or FXAA, both produce ghosting and the image quality looks worse in FXAA when it comes to fast moving objects. Only None Anti Aliasing mode will not ghost so far, but it will have flicker here and there.

I think I will stick with TAA because it’s like the best AA mode thus far. But I am quite clueless how to anti-ghost in TAA. I have looked around but find no solution. Tried input tons of console command, but it will not work. These:-


In one of the discussion I have read. Some pros commented that Temporal AA really relies on a correct input of velocity vector? But I have no idea what it means.
Please help

Are you using Lumen?

Certain features in Unreal have strong temporal filters that will ghost regardless of your AA settings, and there’s not a lot you can do about it without tanking the quality.

Lumen is one of those features.

On fast moving meshes you can disable “affect distance field lighting” to somewhat mitigate this but it won’t get rid of it.

Unfortunately yes… I’m using Lumen.
Will try your suggestion, thanks!

For what it’s worth, as far as I know Epic has not really gotten around to setting up Lumen for cinematics yet so the ghosting (and other issues like warm-up from camera cuts) will hopefully be improved in the future.

Also forgot to mention, if you have a sudden bright light (muzzle flash from a gun for example) epic recommends setting the indirect lighting intensity of the light to 0. That may help with lingering lighting.