Ghosting/Blur on Render Target

Hey, I have this weird ghosting/blurry effect on my render target. I set flags for temporal aa and motion blur. I also tried to turn on/off motion blur on post-processing of the rt as well as of the pp of the level, doesn’t have any effect.

After some seconds when focusing on the same target it turns short sharp and then goes blurry again. Any ideas how to fix it?

Never seen it act like that.
Maybe your render target resolution is way too high?

you should be fine with a render target that is the size of the scope on screen. Taking a wild guess. 256x256 or one power of 2 above.

Possibly doubled if if want to get more resolution than you ever possibly require.

Could also be related to how the RT is being rendered to/written. Or to the scene capture settings.

check these things, and provide a bit more info on your setup.