Ghosting around character.

Hi guys,

I’ve finally decided to try and move from 4.8 to 4.9, everything seems ok, but there’s one thing that’s stopping me. It’s the weird ghosting around the character when in motion. This was present in. 4.8 too, but was a lot less noticeable. My guess is this has something to do with SSR and or TemporalAA (which is known to be “smeary”). Does anyone know how to at least lessen this effect?


P.S. Motion blur is completely shut down, DFAO is switched off with r.DistanceFieldAO 0, so those are probably not the cause.


I think 4.9 had a an issue with bluring while using Temporal AA so maybe see if turning it off in the Project Settings under the Defualt Post Effects section. Though I have honestly not seen ghosting that bad/uqniue that looks almost like a custom heatwave effect. What is your lighting setup like?

I tried switching to FXAA, but the problem persists. Lighting setup is quite basic - Movable Skylight and Directional light, DFAO. Ghosting is most apparent on glossy surfaces with noisy normals (e.g. asphalt). I’m kinda used to Unreal’s smearing and smudging, but this is a bit over the top :slight_smile:

Maybe Epic guys would have some idea why this occurs.

Try disabling sky light shadows if enabled

I have the same problem. It would be great to have some solution to it.

That’s indeed Temporal AA ghosting, the only way (that I know of) to get rid of it is to switch to FXAA.

The rendering guys really need to do something about this… it has been ignored for far too long.

Maybe try this out in 4.11?

It hasn’t been fixed as of yet, even in 4.11. Temporal AA has two major problems they need to fix, one with motion blur and one with ghosting problems like this. I know the motion blur one is on their bug tracker, not sure about this one though, you may want to file a bug report on the answerhub.

About motion blur - if you mean issue with pixelated silhouette (something like, it can be fixed with new, non-default (experimental) motion blur algorithm. Console variable r.motionblurnew 1