Ghost Trails

This system allows user to add components to blueprints or scene actors, to make meshes cast ghost trails. Those trails will copy geometry from master mashes they were casted from, so trails will have identical shape. Component have some settings, that allow to change lifetime of ghosts, their spawn delay, materials and parameters, that changes over time (linearly or by custom curve asset) and some more features.

But component is not a core of this system. Special GhostTrail Manager is responsible for all the logic and properties. If you do not want to use component, you can use this manager alone to add meshes, wich must to cast trails.

Price: 9.99$

Features in screens: (clickable)

Some more screens:

Submitted this to marketplace. Feel free to post your opinions and questions :slight_smile:

way cool effect !
just thinking about a way to use it :wink:
could the effect be blurred over time or have other kind of posteffect assigned to it, maybe like wobble, wave etc…
kind regards

You can interpolate material parameters (scalar or color), so you will be able to use any kind of effect, that material editor allows you to do (Interpolate opacity, worl offset, refraction, displacement, color, and other stuff you want).

thx for the answer.
if i got free time, i will have a look at this cool technique …

Ah, I can already think of so many different uses for this. Looks great already, looking forward to the release!

Hi, I have allready buy this awensome pack and i want ask you some information and support:

Thank you for your support

Hi. It’s such a nice trail. But I can’t access from Animation Blueprint.
I’ve casted Character Blueprint in AnimBP, then get Ghost_BP component and tried to set “Ghost all meshes” true, but it’s not working.
My character blueprint has been compiled from C++, and also it has multiple meshes per body part.
I’d like to know how to ghost all meshes from Animation Blueprint (Animation Notify Event )
I’m using 4.12
Thank you!

Hi, I sent you a mail as well. I have some issues with the Ghost Trail.

On my character, all the static and skeletal meshes show the ghost trails except for the one static mesh I need it for the most: the character’s weapon, in this case the sword.

I have tried using tags, enabling ‘Ghost All Meshes’, bringing in the Manager into the level (I’m not really sure how to use that since I couldn’t set the mesh on it), but the sword still doesn’t show the trails. I have a sword sheath on the character as well which is exactly the same mesh and it shows the trails, but the sword doesn’t.

I need help with this. I can share my screen via Skype as well. My Skype ID: IBMAXX1.


@Maxx_Rexx, Please, post a screenshot of your character’s components and viewport.

By the way… You can check, if meshes are in ghost array by debugging manager (placing print strings or breakpoints).

And what version ur using? I made an update for 4.13, try to update my pack, maybe this will help.


I tested out the Ghost Trails system more extensively and I narrowed the cause of the problem to the ‘Hidden In Game’ boolean. I ran tests with the Ghost Trail component active by default and with it activated by called events. If the static mesh, the sword, is hidden in game when play starts, no matter where you call the Set Trail Active function from, the sword doesn’t show trails. However, if the sword is not hidden in game when play starts, it shows the trails.

I need the sword to be hidden in game at certain points during gameplay, and definitely at the beginning of play until the player actively draws the sword. How do I get around this ‘Hidden in game’ limitation?

@Maxx_Rexx, Sorry for a delay.

You can remove this from “Mesh must cast trails” function inside component:

And then add this check in this function inside the manager:

Thanks Flakky, I finally figured it out, thanks to you.
Everyone out there in the world! This is a pretty cool, extremely quick alternative for anim trails, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend this pack - stop thinking about it and just get it!

Hey AlFlakky! First of all, thanks for this ghosting system, it looks great and is exactly what I was looking for!

I am having some issues getting it to work on characters that have APEX cloth on them though. For some reason the elements with cloth on them get the default material assigned to them, instead of the ghost trail material. You can easily reproduce it by adding the component to the cloth example character from the UE4 Content Examples project:

I tried disabling the cloth simulation when the trails are active, since I don’t need the simulation to work with the trails, but it didn’t fix the material issue. Is there anything that can be done about that, other than separating the clothing elements into a second skeletal mesh that gets excluded from the trails?


Hi, I’ve sent a mail about the issue that I’m having now.
Wish you would answer. Thank you.

Unfortunatelly, my pack does not support apex clothing. It will appear in default state. What about default gray material… It seems, that ghost material do not support apex meshes. You can enable it inside ghost material properties.

Oh, I completely forgot about that cloth material flag. That fixed it for me, thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

I have 2issues with your pack:

  • I am not sure How to handle properly an actor that got destroyed with your trail ?
    A call to destroy actor creates a lot of error during CalcVelocities .

  • My skeletal meshes do not show trail during the rendering . Is there any requirements to support animated meshes ?


Is there a way to increase the amount of ghosts that is spawned, so that you can get a more consistent trail at higher velocities?

how to enable the ghosting on multiplayer? i cant see it in multiplayer

It is a one-side visual effect.
So in order to enable for everyone, just call multicast event from server, so every client will see. But do not launch this effect on dedicated server for the sake of performance, it’s not needed there.