Ghost Trails

multicast does not work somehow


funktion and looking ingame

Where do you call this event from?

inside the modular player charakter where ghost trail component is also included and the whole character

My guess is that you call that function from client. Make sure u call Multicast event from server.

i solved it by creating a custom event “run on server” and called that event with “multicast” … that works @@! thanks anyway! and nice job for your ghost trail!

Hi! I’m having problems with modular character, One of the mesh is rendered fine, but the second (the armour) doesn’t. it just stay in a static position it doesn’t use the animation of the armour in the movements. How I can fix that? is that Fixed in the 4.15 version of the ghots trails component?

Hello! Could you please provide some more data on how you setup your meshes? Maybe some screenshots? Do you use “Set master pose component” in order to sync animations?

yes I can:

The Setup: Screenshot - 49af9610de7746fca75118dd1d67dc77 - Gyazo
Set Master Pose: Screenshot - 8f9520bede0654996950bfbfb038ca2b - Gyazo

While all the other components, don’t have any problem, the armor have indeed have problems.

the only difference with the other components it’s the material. the Armour have Translucent material, but I already tested with opaque materials and still doesn’t work :frowning:

Do other components also sync animations from master mesh ( using Set Master Pose Component)? Maybe the problem is about mastering pose…

no, only the character Armour is sync animation from the master mesh

Does this work on sprites to create a similar effect to Alucard’s ghost trail in Castlevania: Symphony of the night?

It should work only on skeletal and static meshes. So if you make sprites by using plane meshes, than yes, but no other types are supported.

Sorry for a delay… The problem is about mastering pose… I’ll try to find the solution today…

OK thanks.

@NightmareSystem Fixed your problem. I’ll send epic new versions of all of my packs soon. If you are in hurry, send me a PM, I’ll give you instructions to get it faster.

I think if you made a 10 min tutorial video that actually walk the effects you show for noobs like me, more people would use it. I bought this but cannot use it well yet.

Hi… What kind of instructions you need? Because all you have to do is to add ghost trail component to your Actor / BP. Tweak some params if you need and it should work.

Nice work!!

If I purchase it, can I customize it, observe how it works and use parts for my own game?

Hey, boss, any chance of a 4.16 update? It’s crashing a bit.