Ghost of player skeletal mesh?

I’m trying to make an effect whereby the player, when doing certain things (for example, charging attacks) will see a larger, transparent version of his skeletal mesh layered on top of his current one. Specifically, I want the lights on my player’s model (handled by an emissive texture which colors in light-pipes all over him) to expand outward.

I originally tried creating a duplicate skeletal mesh asset, but the problem is I can’t figure out how to make it inherit/copy the pose of the original.

I also tried messing with the World Position Offset node, but the issue is this affects the entire material, and it can’t be configured to only apply to the emissive portion of it. And a single static mesh element can only have a single material assigned to it, so there’s no way to move the emissive portion of the material onto its own material/element which is overlaid on the main diffuse material that I can figure.

Certainly there must be a way to do this?

Just an FYI, this was solved by using a Poseable Mesh Component which references the main mesh.