Hey guys,

I need something like for my project. Could you point out how to start creating something like this ? Any tutorial or tips ? I am completely new to particle effects. The end result should be adjustable in size and power.


You need a Const Acceleration module with Z set to a negative value, amount of the value depending on the Z Initial Velocity of the particle emitter. You can adjust the spread amount with X and Y of velocity. And you can have a ton of sprinkles if you make it a GPU emitter.

Thanks Jacky!

With the awesome particle tuts from epic and your quick advice I already have something like this :


Now I just need a proper material for it.

P.S : How can I add a wind effect on it?

It depends on if the Wind effect should be kind of dynamic or not.

Should be something like the wind effect on trees i guess.

No one knows how to add wind? I am thinking about vector fields with a very slow rotation but wanted to see if there are any other ways.

For the best looking result, I’d say the vector field option is by far the most realistic.

Hi Robbie,

You’ll want to use other methods than Wind as this only affects Cloth and materials setup to take the wind parameter for reaction.

For a particle effect you’ll probably want to use Vector Fields as you were discussing.