Getting Variable Value Of Multiple Child Actor Blueprints

Hi there, thanks for reading.

I’m making a tower defense game, and I have a MasterTower class that has ~60 children actor blueprints that inherit from it. Each child actor blueprint has a different value for the FireRate (float) variable. I’m wondering if there is a way to output all of these FireRate variables to excel or something so I can compare the values…see if any are off or should be changed.

Any thoughts, easy way to do this?
Thanks in advance

I don’t know if, or think, you can export variables of a class like that. I mean, built in. If you dove into c++ source code you can do anything I guess.
But what you can do is to utilize the data table to store the fire rate of each tower type (and other data too). You can edit the data table directly inside the editor, or export and import as csv or Json files.

To create the data table, create a struct and then a data table (misc - data table) and select the struct. Then add the variables you will need inside the struct.

The docs around data tables and blueprints is pretty poor, just ask if you get stuck.

You can start with using Get All Actors of Class (or whatever it’s called) and do a for loop on the array printing the value of the variable to the log.

So I tried messing with my structure a little bit to see if there was an easy way to make a table from it…never edit an already in use structure haha. I had to backup my structure files–fortunately I had a save from earlier this morning, but otherwise I would have spent hours filling in lost data and connections. Anywho, I’m going to go with your idea there cyaoeu, just because its something I know how to do…I’ll make a level with one of each actor and use that node to print out the TowerName and FireRate…may be able to copy that from the logs into excel too…we’ll see

Thank you both for your advice