Getting unlit mode while testing ingame

just wondering how i can get to test mode ingame while retaining access to the unlit rendering mode; it will just make it easier to create my level skeleton quicker while being able to create my meshes and textures, keeping to scale easily without having to fix how one side is constantly in shadow… Not sure whether this can be done by a console command or not.


You can use the command “viewmode unlit” (without quotes) to switch to the unlit mode, there are also commands for many of the other modes which you can see here:


all sorted, thank very much that helped 1337 tons :slight_smile:

This console command will be disabled in a packaged game.
In order to use unlit in a packaged game, simply add:

to the DefaultEngine.ini under the [RenderSettings] or [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]

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can you do this with the widget interaction debug line traces? or do you know of a code that does this?