Getting two players in the same scene on seperate computers

I am currently working on a Multi-Player game called bovine wars. We are currently trying to get two players running around in the same scene, but from different computers. We have created the executable with the main character in it, used the console in the executable to create a listen server, connected to a colleague through Hamachi (creates a connection between the two computers) who then attempted to join my scene using the console command "Open (my ip adress), but unfortunately nothing happened. Has anyone successfully connected to each other without a lan connection in unreal 4, and if so how?

Thank You,

Andrew Rieger

According to what I read on Wikipedia ;), you need to use the IP address that Hamachi has assigned the server and connect to that using “Open {Hamachi-IP}”

Unfortunately this is what i tried. My friend entered the ip adress assigned to me in the LogmeinHamachi window and was still not able to connect :frowning:

Make sure you can ping it. If not, then you need to talk to Hamachi support