Getting the Dark Tones of a Desatured Texture, Possible?


Thank you for coming! Have a seat! I just have a small question! Imagine you have a texture. ıt got white, black, and dark grey. You are lacking a mask material so that is out of option. But, how would you get the black part only then? What kind of “If” would you use, or use at all?

Here is a video of what I am trying to do;

You will see Gill from SF3. The guy has an effect on himself that causes his dark outlines to shine and return back to normal. So I need a way to reach out for the outlines.

I really need a mathematical calculation which lets me get, for example the black and very dark grey tones (in a range for example) only, so I can just simply shine those parts. Imagine like between two constants, that are 1.0 and 0.9, and ignore the other values. ^^

ae13d1714bc25c4e6a4910ee480096ea4f876d9b.jpeg. This is the image I have so far. You see, I am using Paper2D so using a texture mask is not possible.

Any little help is more than appreciated. I could even pay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your time and reading!

If node between your texture and your target value. A>=B and A<=B needs a float with value 0, A==B needs a float with value 1 and change the equals threshold of the “If” node to something higher.

Thank you for the help Mr Divi. I found a way around by using the green and red channels. :slight_smile:

I will keep your suggestion in mind aswell :slight_smile: