Getting the ARKit Face Sample App into iPhone X

I need to get the Face Sample app into my Iphone X, but I dont have a mac which makes compiling iOS in windows UE4 a problem. If I wanted to get the app into my iphone X, would I need to compile the code with a mac every time I want to run the app from my iphone? Or would I just need to run it once to get it into my phone, then a mac is no longer needed? If it only needs to be done once, id just rent a mac to get it into my phone. Otherwise if I need to launch the project into my iphone X every time I want to use that app, ill just settle and buy an imac mini for remote compiling.

You only use mac once to create the IPA, which you then install install into your iPhone, after which you run it on just your phone like any other app.

rent a mac with xcode, metal support and high sierra. Wouldn’t it be so nice if the app was already built was easily available for download?

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I use VMware to run MacOS with XCode in a virtual machine on my PC. Works well… Once setup that is! Plenty of guides available on how to do this if you search.

Hi, and need payed developer account, or enough the free apple developer account to build? (not for pulish)

I saw a lot of articles and guide on how to do that…but since you already did that, how annoying/time consuming/technically tedious is to do the entire thing?
I already have an Apple account due to some iPad demos, but for the iPhone X ( which I own ) is really annoying knowing that you need a Mac…

It took me a week to go through 4 macs (too old to support metal), having to upgrade firmware on the last one in order to install high sierra in order to install the latest xcode. Also setting up the provisioning profiles, trying to ssh into the mac to try the remote ios build from pc, installing ue4 and face ar project on mac, compiling shaders… all for a seemingly simple thing. Its definitely is worth the effort… but seriously could have been avoided.

Wow…ok I’ll give it a try, since I “just” need to upgrade a Macbook ans see if XCode will run there…I can’t believe that developing for iPhone/iPad is so tedious,and yet many people still do it :smiley:

Hey Garner,

I was wondering if you could point me a the right direction:
I’ve done all the tedious parts of getting macOS up and running, provisioning functioning etc. But now I’m stuck trying to get it launched to my iPhone.
Verify Profile setting - OK
Launching UAT… - OK
Build for iOS - error:

ERROR: Failed to run init commands on remote server Output = Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).

Not sure what the issue here is, tried about everything. login/passwords are correct, can ping mac on network, and access pc network shares from mac… My mac knowledge is below average though. Any ideas what the issue could be/how to fix?

Another avenue could be, finding a good samaritan that could Testflight the iPhone/iPad part and share the dev app which I can drop on my iPhone. Any takers? :smiley: