Getting strange tiling effects from Blender to UE4


I am trying to use a basket mesh exported as FBX from Blender. I have subdivision surface, solidify and triangulate modifiers applied to my mesh from Blender. I have UV mapped according to multiple tutorials, make a second UV channel etc. I still get unexpected tiling effects when I apply the material to my basket mesh but when I apply the material to a basic cube exported the same way it looks like it should. On my basket mesh the material tiles in small sections and turns the tiles horizontally/vertically which makes it look like a bad patchwork while on my cube the same material simply shows up uniformly and accurate. I can’t seem to upload a picture or attachment here so I can’t show what I mean. I have tried clamping the texture instead of wrapping it with the same results. I have tried using texture coordinates to correct it but still have the strange tiling. I am guessing I have a problem with UV mapping but I am really at a loss here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adding modifiers from blender and exporting will almost always give you problems. And with these modifiers your polycount will most likely be too high for a prop of this size.

Thanks for the quick response. I did not see anything in any Blender to UE4 tutorials that talked about not applying modifiers but I will have to look into that. Would it help to use a different 3D render program? Keeping within the lines of my budget, being $0, I need to stay with the freebies.

Could you maybe post a screenshot of the tiling artifact?

I unfortunately cannot due to a “database error” anytime I try to upload it. I did however get this resolved in a bit of a workaround. I exported as OBJ from blender then used Autodesk FBX converter with perfect results and an immensely smaller resource size. Thank you both for the help!