getting started with vr.

hello. im a bit new to game developing. but i understand how things work together in general. ive observed and researched for years, and i did well learning fps setup from a blank template, and my first blueprints. wall running code wasn’t to hard, but before me lies my ultimate goal…VR. and for the life of me i cant find any decent how to or from scratch setup explanations. ive found alot of things that dont exactly work for me. but im at a loss and i could use a bit of redirecting.

in my first game im hoping to include:
arm swinger locomotion (ill substitute joystick at first)
possibly grapple hook swinging

but running and climbing are most important right now

and in phase 2 i want to learn about guns and interactions. but ill worry about that later.

for now i just cant get vr doing anything but the template.
im pretty sure i can figure out the controlls if i could just get the camera and vr
controllers working with a fresh character. one in which i know every piece that
makes it what it is. im pretty sure that a pawn wont do what i need ether. but
im still learning ue4 so i may be wrong.

can anybody help me get started with vr from scratch. because i dont know where to start.

Let me start by saying that the way the official documentation is organized doesn’t help someone who is just looking for a quick “How to get started”, but as a matter of fact most information is there, you just need to know where to look.

Edit: I have moved the previous content to a Wiki page so all links work properly and it will be easier to maintain it in the future.

many links where broken how ever most of the important stuff was there or i had already found. this is massively helpful.

one last thing im not sure on. is there a way to add physics to the pawn or should i be trying to apply this the a character. because when i attached my vr camera to my character i got very strange results as i could walk away form my collision mesh, center of rotation, and orientation of forward. i could fix some of it. but my collision i didnt know how to make it follow me. but if i can instead add gravity and jumping to my pawn it would solve my problems, and i can get to work. but i know that characters have it built in, and nobody seems to use it. ive already got levels and assets ready to go once i figure out my codes.

thanks so far

Sorry about the faulty links, I hadn’t noticed it. I have moved the previous content to a Wiki page. All links work properly there. Have another look.

Regarding the use of a Character for VR, this is pretty common, but the standard VR template uses just a Pawn.

Have a look at my tutorial here: [ArchViz] Thumbstick locomotion & gravity with the standard VR template - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube which turns the default Pawn into a Character so it can go up and down some stairs. That should get you on the right track.

ok so i got one more thing i need to rectify. this is exactly what i needed. except i can still walk away from my collision mesh. do you know how to get it to follow the camera. after that i think im good to go, and i can start building off of it.

thank you. this has been very helpful so far.

You are talking about room-scale VR with collisions handling (and maybe a VR body too). This is not trivial. UE4 doesn’t handle it out of the box. There has been a discussion on this forum some time ago which you can refer to:

Ill pass on a body that isnt a basic floating torso and hands. But yes ill cut alot from my project but room scale and collisions is mandatory. moving in a local area or standing experiences are great. but when you want to move. teleport just ant cutting it. robo recall did it extremely well but it feels dated and room scale locomotion is in my opinion the big jam. is I was tempted to switch to unity. they have alot of this easily accessible. but i believe more in unreal4. it looks to good. and im a level artist so i want the looks.

that being siad. ive dialed back my scoop to a tower climbing game. but i do have a story as you explore, expectation for it. and i have some neat things planed. but i would need room scale.

now i did find the vr expansion plugin here on the forums. and it looks exciting and i have it installed.