Getting Started with VR (Guide)

Hey guys!

Just posted my Getting Started with VR Guide for Unreal Engine 4!

It’s covering a variety of topics including Blueprint, C++ and performance best practices. And of course a collection or useful links to check out by Epic, Oculus etc!

Have a read, and let me know what you think!

Hi Tom, thanks for this and all your helpful posts in the past!

I have the Oculus DK2 and razor hydra motion controllers. Ive been wondering if i can use these as kind of a poor man’s devkit for vive or cv1+touch type experiences with UE4 and how practical that might be in terms of getting it working. Any advice there?

I’ll give it a read through :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend Mitch’s template. It hasn’t been updated since 4.4. He is currently forgoing updating the template and is instead creating a series of video tutorials.

It’s 90hz for both. 75hz is for the DK2, CV1 will be 90.

I really enjoyed the performance tools read. Not enough people touch on this, and it is a pretty “big deal”.

Hey Savior!

Thanks for pointing out the Mitch’s template is 4.4 a lot has changed since then so I’ll remove his link. I’ll add CV1 to the 90 hz list too.

@tmek: I don’t have a Hydra controller to test this. I found an unofficial Hydra plugin: and that looks to be using the same motioncontroller classes as the Vive.

Mmm, also found this link today when I was searching for some optimization stuff in UE4:

Thanks! Added it to the guide, it has some valuable extra info.

Thanks, Tom. You’ve answered a major question I had about getting motion controls to work properly in character bp with a non-0,0,0 starting location. I’m going to make the changes tonight and give it a try. Assuming that works, I can finish setting up the IK hand bones to move with the controllers.

Hi Tom, nice guide.

not really fatal error, but you mixed up the “VR Best Practises” links, first is Epic and second Oculus

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed it!

Great resource Tom! Nice and clear.

I used my hydras for prototyping during a Vive Jam where the kits were limited. The unofficial plugin uses the same hw agnostic Motion Controller setup, just might have to add a simple calibration step. See the hydra thread for details.