Getting started with the Vive?

Earlier this week i received a vive in the mail from valve.
And after some troubles with getting the usb drivers to cooperate my vive is now up and running.

However after i started a 4.9 project i noticed that though the VR-preview button was working, and when i launched it the tracking did start properly straight away, the VR preview was only seen on my main monitor, the HMD only showed the default compositer white void.

Are there some steps that are required to receive the scene in the hmd?
Also i was wondering if there are some vive specific development steps to take into account, i got plenty of DK2 experience, though Vive+UE4 is quite new for me :wink:

I didn’t have any specific problems with 4.9 preview 2, but you might want to make sure the preview window has focus. I noticed that if the preview window loses focus strange things happen in the HMD (bizarre artifacts from previous sessions or the white room of mystery). Unfortunately, the preview window occasionally pops up without focus by default. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides that, if you notice that the UE4 scene and the Chaperone boundaries aren’t perfectly in sync, you probably have a problem with buffered frames. If so, pls check out this link for a fix.

Thanks for the help, the problem seemed to resolve itself with preview3.

Are there btw any guidelines for creating a fpv pawn specially for the vive?
I seem to have the problem that when i make a pawn the regular way (with the camera on the floor) and then parent a object to the camera, it seems to only track rotational offsets not translational ones.
The end goal is to have the vive controllers linked to the camera/shaperone so they behave 1 to 1 like in all the current vive demos.
And though i did manage to move a model based on the motion controllers transform/rotation i dont seem to get it synchronised with the camera’s offsets.