Getting started with the first UE4 Game

Hello UE4 forum!

I’ve been playing a little around with the engine and got the basics up running.

My first goal will be to create a level based game, but how do I start creating it? I’ve been making games before in GameMaker, but this is like another boosted world, and in 3D ofcourse.
What I am searching for is mainly a starting point, a place to start and dig into it. Any suggestions starting the creation of a levelbased game?

First time to use this new engine, you need to seek information about it: Documentation,Wiki, Epic Tutorials.

Not first time for the engine in that way, I’ve played around. Already checked the tutorials out.

Not my question is: I want to create a level based game, where is a good start to begin the creation? (Not the brainstorming develpment etc). The production.

Starting by concepts and asset creation?. It’s hard to say as we don’t know what game you planning to do

I am creating a level based puzzle game, so my main question is, do you start creating characters, objects, levels or start menu? What is the must do start things

Try to create logic of the game first on C++ or/and Blueprint, even on any objects (dependsing on what puzzle you want to make), code any element you need to make those levels for that game, then you create fancy stuff and menu can be last.

I created a very similar thread. Check it out here!

Play the game in your mind. What do you want? What story do you want to tell? Try to visualize the game-play. Begin with the beginning. Even if you do not think a puzzle game has a plot, make one and run with it. As you work (this is the same for nearly any artistic production) the story will take you instead. Then, you are playing the game as you make it. It will take way more directions than you can see right now. Then, when you think you are finished, better yet, when you can’t go on, let us all play it.

Make a story board and write some plot. Maybe some puzzles. This will help you determine where to begin the game. Make that level and go from there.