Getting started with Oculus Go

Have just purchased a GO and wondered if a Gear template will work?

Is there an equivalent of a NavMesh that needs to be set up? or just a box with a collision to stop your pawn falling through?


Hello JimJams,

I find deploying to the Go easier than Gear (no need to set up OSIG)

Check out the steps here

At bare minimum just enable “Configure the AndroidManifest for deployment to Oculus Mobile”

Any sort of Nav-meshes or collision volumes should work the same as on Gear…

Thanks Alex!

Any thoughts on how to move the pawn upstairs? I’m very familiar how to get the this running on the Vive.


You’re welcome.

If you built movement/teleport functionality using the ‘motion controller’ component it should behave the same. (Minus Positional Tracking)