Getting started with my project

Hello people!

I’ve been using UE4 since beta but really didn’t had time to post any pictures or work because of few UDK projects and UE4 aswell. I’ve been thinking about making a little Oculus game that will give immersive experience, especially with visuals but little background story aswell.
I’ll keep my mouth calm for some time until I have some more work done. Though, I have plans to apply for Epic’s grant system and make Oculus presentation here where I live and later on release the little game.

So, I started last night and I have two little screens to show. This is still work in progress and it’s a small place where you will be able to go with Oculus, it will consist of few diffrent areas including that will be connected.
Hope you like it and if you have critiques or comments, feel free to type. Though, like I said, this is still WIP.

I am back!
Played with lighting a lot more and also added some more meshes, deleted some aswell. I think I am starting in the direction where I want in terms of lighting, though please let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Tomorrow, I will expand this to something a lot more bigger!
I hope you guys like it, have a nice day.

Pretty .

Thank you, much appreciated!

I will share one or two more screens really soon.

Back again, sorry for quick double post.
Trying with more contrast on first picture and the second is WIP of continued scene when you walk up. If you have any suggestions and critcs, please feel free to type.


For the Oculus, you say? I wish I had one. This is gorgeous.

Yes, my plan is to make this Oculus exclusive. Firstly, it will be little flytrough and later one I have plans to make a little game. Many thanks for the nice comment!

More pictures are coming soon.

I love this colorful world! Here are some tips to fill it with life:

You mentioned you might want to include a little background story in there, so I’d recommend you to use environmental storytelling. Include details that hint at the background story by raising and answering questions (why isn’t there anyone? Who are the people who lived there? What’s the history of the environment? For what purpose did this very structure exist? What are the jobs and activities of the inhabitants?). Don’t make your hints to obscure, though.
Try this on your current scene: In the back, there seems to be a solid building - it looks like it took some time to build it, so is it for permanent settlement? In contrast to this, why is the shelter in the foreground so tiny and simple? It seems there was another building before, but it vanished. The fence seems to enclose a small area - was it used to farm animals (In this case, you could add animal footprints in this area)? Where does the path lead to? If the path is short, you could make it look heavily used; if the path is long, there might be a signpost.

You can build your world out of your story, even if it’s just a single event - just imagine what the world would look like after. If want to get help on building the setting of your world, you could head over to the Worldbuilding Stackexchange, an extremely useful website.

If you can deliver an interesting story, the user’s experience will be much more immersive. The story doesn’t have to be complex - even if it’s just as simple as “a volcano erupted and everyone died”, it will interest the player.

One thing you might want to think about is: Is the player “really” there, like he woke up and everyone vanished, or is he an observer?

Another interesting storytelling alternative is to use a narrator that comments on specific aspects the player does, explores, etc. (you can take Rucks from Bastion as an example).

Hey TidB!
Thank you for giving me a lot of useful tips. Sure I had idea about environmental storytelling but there need to be great ammount of clues to get player into the story which is sometimes difficult. I have one idea which I will not share at this moment because I don’t want to spoil anything but as I create this little world a lot of other ideas are coming to my mind. I will probably wait until I get a little larger world and then think about possible solutions for the storytelling. Though, I will stay in contact with you and see how this goes.
I also got a little new screen! Hope you guys like it and again, feel free to comment.

Here is another screnie. This area is still heavy WIP but I like it so far.
More pictures coming soon!

I am starting to worry that I am work machine. I guess it’s enough for today. It’s the same angle of the camera as you can see, but there are few more details. This may not be final scene, I need to revise some pieces. I am now going to the area behind this one, so tomorrow is the day for more interesting pictures.
I hope you guys like it!

Looks really good so far :slight_smile: digging the style!

Thank you . There are still a lot of things to add but it’s going good so far.

New day and new pictures are coming of course, though in a couple of hours. Stay tunned!

Very nice. :slight_smile:
The Trees on the other lakeshore looking a bit big to me, or the hills a bit small.

Thank you dude. Yes, they are a little big bigger then they should, but I will do these small details when I get closer to the end.
I am doing new piece of the level so pictures are coming tonight or tomorrow.

I am coming back with new picture!
It’s the same level of course, but just diffrent area. As I just started with this one, it is of course heavy WIP! If you guys have any suggestions or critics I’ll be glad to listen them.

Hello guys again, I am connecting two pieces of the level so there is new picture. More precisely I am connecting this last picture I posted with ones with sea I posted earlier! Hope you like it.

Made a quick video so you guys can see it live a little bit. Of course, a lot of more job needs to be done but it’s getting there.
There is some interesting stuff going behind this scene, I will update when I achieve more progress.

Nice assets. Will you be releasing it on marketplace?

@franktech Thank you man, much appreciated! Well, I have three plans for this project, though I’ll keep it as a secret now. But I can say the one of the plans is to release the game, probably storytelling (something like Dear Esther) but the style of the game may change.

@L_A_L_I_90 Mostly all of the assets are used from marketplace, most useful pack was Kite demo.

And like every day, some more more pictures or maybe videos are coming today.