Getting Shadows in unwanted Areas

I have a issue that the light and AO kind of doesn’t use the autosmooth from my mesh. My mesh is autosmoothed but the shadows or AO kind of dont use it.

I also unwraped the walls in one continues rectangular shape which means I stiched them all together.

can you try to isolate the issue? i.e. try to determine if it’s the shadows or the AO

Either add more geometry or adjust the AO settings.

Also dynamic shadows can cause faceting that looks similar to that, adjusting the shadow bias or adding more geometry are the easiest fixes to that problem.

If it is concave surface, it is ao. Tweak AO bias.

Thanks guys the AO Bias helped but you can still see a little bit.

Do guys you also know how I can lighten up shadows in the dark areas and also how to build a dynamic light source.

Cause the Light that I have now kind of doesnt work with the shadows like I get some light bleeds and when the suns direction changes nothing happens to the interior light bouncing and also the shadows stay the same…

I already setup and activated the distance shadows and disabled cascade shadows but when I build lighting it bakes again static dark shadows.

You cannot bake dynamic lights. You can bake static lights. The walls need to be thicker to stop bleeding.

In dynamic light setup this is solved by a combination of shadow bias tweaking on the light, and making a thicker geometry for walls, including intersecting them with a floor with a sufficient margin for light leak not to appear.