Getting ribbon particles to show refraction...?

I’m currently working on an effect, where a sword is swung, and as it swings through the air, it leaves behind a distortion trail. So I was trying to use refraction for this, since it’s pretty much the exact effect I was going for, but it seems that as soon as I make it into a ribbon particle, the refraction just disappears. You can still see any emissive/opacity I have in the material, but it loses the distortion, which is the main look I’m going for.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this or if it’s even within the engine’s capabilities? I’ve been going through all the check boxes in the emitter and material editor, but no luck so far. :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

I’d like to bump this if that’s not against the rules, haha. I’m still having this issue, and it’s really throwing off my project. Any help is appreciated!

add an normal map to your material Particles with Bill Kladis | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Wow. I feel like such an idiot. I even had the normal map in the node structure.

Thank you very much.