Getting Poor Results From Lumen

Hi all,

So i’ve set up a very basic scene. I’ve a directional light and skylight, both set up as movable, and with a small little office building with windows etc. for the light to come through.

I’ve got it all setup working with Lumen as my lighting is working, and having emissive materials creates new light sources. However my results do not look great.

The lighting coming through the windows looks crisp and sharp when I am close to it, however when I’m only a little distance away it becomes very blurry, very quickly. Is their a setting i’m missing that will keep things nice and crisp, or is this the normal Lumen behavour?

Another issue i’m having is with weird “ghost models” that appear. I’ve done all of this in the FPS template, but whenever I fire the gun a ghostly projection appears behind the projectile and follows it’s path. Is this also intended behavior in Lumen, or is their a way to fix this as well?

Annoyingly I don’t have access to the project right now to get images to show you!


Hello @JamieMarshallCPL
Perhaps we can help to you if you share some screenshots :wink:
You know, clairvoyance vs wisdom hah

At the moment I can share this tutorial with you, it says for benigners but it helps to me a lot!

I’m finally at home to get you an image of it! As you can see on the walls/floor near my character it is relatively crisp, but up on the far wall it becomes a big blurry mess, when ideally I want the shadows there to be sharp as well

Annoyingly I couldn’t get an image of the bullet issue, but it’s like a motion blur shadow effect on the lighting.

Looks like you’re using cascaded shadow maps, you should try switching the shadow method to Virtual Shadow Maps in the project settings.

I’ve just tried changing this setting. Unfortunately that has not worked.

I have found a patial solution.

In my Directional Light I’ve increase the “Num Dynamic Shadow Cascades” parameter. This has give be sharper shadows across the whole scene and not just those in my general vicinity