Getting perpendicular to dynamic light sources to use in material - cloth "sheen"

Hi, I posted a while back on inquiring how to simulate realistic velvet in UE4, but I haven’t come across a definitive answer.

I’ve done more studying of velvet since then (I returned to finish up the same old project) and I realize that to create realistic velvet I need make get the perpendicular angle from the light sources to use in my material. This is because velvet has a “sheen” to it, so say if the dynamic light source was at the top of my character, the sheen could be seen from the front, back, and side views of the character. Another example would be if the light source was from the right and left, the sheen could be seen at the front and back of the character. Is there any way to do this?

I need to take a highresolution screenshot of my character (with his velvet jacket) from viewport (not in game) to use for my portfolio.

I’ve come across terms such as “light vectors” that requires BP access, but pretty sure BPs only work in game…? And my purpose is just to take screenshots from the viewport. Let me know if learning about BP’s and light vectors it the right direction to go in.

you can use the blueprint’s construction script which also updates in the editor viewport. make a blueprint with your lightsource in it, write the lightsource direction to a material parameter collection and use that in the material to create your sheen.

Thanks Divi. I pretty much solved it without having to delve into blueprints.