Getting more into creating materials

So I’ve wanted to get more into making materials because I really think it’s fun. That being said, I have watched Epic’s tutorials and also looked through the documentation but I kind of feel like I am stuck. Are there any good in-depth tutorials that feature more advanced materials, for example (but not limited to) realistic looking water or really fancy stuff like this)

Check UE4 Demos and inspect the shaders. There is much!

Also check out this guys downloadable project that shows how to create just about any material you can think of, I downloaded it this morning to take a look, and it is a great resource for understanding how materials work, and the amazing things you can do with them!

Also take a look at this videos from Hourences: – The Solus Project :slight_smile:

+1 for pmlvl suggestion -> best way to learn how material work + make sure that you also just try some stuff by your own

Thanks for the suggestions!