Getting material to emissive light

Hello guys

i wanted to create a material which emissives light for an simple floor lighting

is this possible at the moment?

or do you know any other way to do it?

4.6 (which just got released) should have that option.
I cant give you any more details because I havent played with it yet.

Like Harvester said before me, this is a new feature in Unreal 4.6. But just to clarify for everyone else make sure to check the “Use Emissive for Static Lighting” for your model in the Details pane.


Hi ,

This is actually a new feature available with the 4.6 version released today: “Static Lighting from Emissive Materials”
Emissive materials can now directly illuminate surrounding objects! You can read about it here:!

Let me know if this is not what you are looking for.


okay thanks for all the ansers ^^