getting crazy about this lightingproblem

I hope someone can help me out in this. I tried so many things, but without result and the whole project can fail of this. The problem is the lighting. Before i build the light the meshes look fine, after the building the meshes look like they are not smooth anymore. And when i move the mesh again, the mesh is fine again. I made a youtube of it. [video]- YouTube



Do you have a good lightmap on that static mesh? If not, that’s the issue.

oh gee, i might get a solution suddenly. If i change the mesh from static to stationary it works:confused::slight_smile:

Of course, but you won’t get baked shadows on it, just dynamic one IF your lights are set to stationary too, otherwise you won’t get shadows at all.

hey thanks man! the mesh is a fbx export out of Agisoft Photoscan, could that be the problem. Do i have to change it here to another channel?

There is probably no lightmap at all… This would be kinda hard to unwrap! Does it have something in uv channel 1? Lightmap is what stores the lighting/shdowing information. Use movable lights and set this mesh to movable is your only option, unless you can bring it in a modeling software and unwrap it carefully. Then you’ll be able to use static lights.

ah thanks again, i have to read more about this i am afraid :slight_smile: There is a channel 1, but nothing really changes. I probably have to change something in Agisoft to get rid of any lightmaps? Then i use the light i have in UE4? Is that the right way?
If yes, i will have to do some more reading about this. I am allready very happy i know now where the problem is, and where to find my solution!

Check this out to better understand the workflow for creating objects that can be used for baked lighting.

thanks man, you helped a lot! apparantly i have work to do i :slight_smile: I will spend to entire weekend to read and try this to get it right!