Getting color from ground or other objects, Worldspace?

Hello friendly unreal people!,

I am trying to get the color of another texture to tint other objects. Things like foliage or multiple objects that sit on the ground.

I have experimented with worldspace and read a few others posts on here where worldspace is used with tiling values to essentially replicate the uv’s from another object. ( like terrain ). However when I do that getting things to match up is very tricky. It seems we can only really planar map from one angle and then adjust that to match up as best as possible. There are a couple of stumbling blocks though I’m looking for answers to like;

How do I get the actual size and scale of the object ?
If the object is using Uv’s that take up a segment of the uvspace, how will the target object map to that region.
**Is there another way to get pixels of target object to use in coloring a source object? **

Another thread - - has some useful information, but doesn’t specific how the size * scale and position was got.

Any information would be very helpful . Thanks