Getting artifical frame limits cant explain them

I have tried everything but I seem to get about 35-37 fps when I enable stereo for the dk2. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with level complexity or game settings. It is still always that range. I have a decent gpu on this machine whcih should be higher than this GTX760. I have two GTX760s but I have sli disabled.

I have tired disabling vsync with no change.

I have tried doing hmd sp 100 but any time I run that command the rift locks up and requires the game to be relaunched.

I have tried settings all at their absolute lowest. This improves my framerate drastically and I’m up to 175+fps but still when I turn on stereo it goes back to 35-37.

I have tried couch knights and no difference between that and an empty scene it is still in that general 35-37 fps.

I am getting so frustrated. Any suggestions? I have the latest nvidia drivers.

I’ve now tried rolling back the Nvidia driver from a few days ago with no change.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Just to make sure - did you disable the “smooth frame rate” project settings option? Are you running in extended or direct mode?

When changing the HMD SP, it works for me to just alt+Enter twice to refresh out of the rift lockout, instead of quitting and relaunching the game.

Running in direct mode.

I just tried the alt-enter option and I have had it work once or twice but it resets the hmd sp options back to the default so it doesn’t help as running the command again doesn’t fix the issue. I have tried running this command on the Event Begin Play and it doesn’t give an error but it doesn’t seem to be applying anything.

So a quick update I didn’t know the HMD had its own vsync option so I was using the regular one. So I ran hmd vsync off and I get 100+ fps never dipping below 75. In fact this is an almost empty scene so it is far about 100. I tried hmd vsync reset with no difference though I’m not really sure what that does. It seems odd that it doesn’t dip below 75 with the sync off. Is there something funny about the vsync that could make it take over 70+fps off my framerate?