Getting arcoreimg to work?

In writing this question I’ve answered it.

Note to my future self:
It should be fairly straightforward to run arcoreimg from the command line (I mean Terminal)

./arcoreimg eval-img --input_image_path=/Users/scull/Documents/Proj/Content/images/spoon.png

Only it seems that the arcoreimg executable isn’t named according to Android’s documentation. It’s ptdbtool_macos_lipobin and not arcoreimg as you’d expect.

mac38284:Mac chull$ ./ptdbtool_macos_lipobin eval-img --input_image_path=/Users/chull/Downloads/augmented-images-earth.jpg


mac38284:Mac chull$ ./ptdbtool_macos_lipobin eval-img --input_image_path=/Users/chull/Downloads/augmented-images-building.jpg

Also note that the image of Earth is 100 but the building is 40 and not zero as they report it to be.