Getting an incorrect relative rotation?

Just to confirm, when you click on the triangle in front of “Rotation” you have “Relative” selected, not “World”, right?

I’m making a door for my VR project. At the moment I can grab the door handle and rotate the door by moving my hand. But you can rotate the door full 360°, which obviously is not what I want. So now I’m trying to make the door to stop rotating when it’s relative rotation is > 100° or < 0°. But I’m having real problems trying to get the relative rotation of the DoorMesh. When I’m tying to get the relative rotation of the DoorMesh, for some reason it seems to return me the world rotation of the door. So for example, if I rotate the parent of the door 43° the door relative rotation will show 43° too.
Why is this happening? Shouldn’t the relative rotation be always 0° if it’s set to 0°? No matter what it’s parent world rotation is set to.

Yep, it’s set to relative.