Getting a Movie to Play

How do I get a movie file to play? I can’t even import it without having to tamper with the settings. If I change the Stream Mode to “From Memory,” it crashes, but it doesn’t recognize the url and gives me an error:

“The current URL points to a file that does not exist or is not located inside the /Content/Movies/ directory.”

Duration is 0:00:00 and all details say “Not Supported.”

I had to create folder and move the file inside it, then disappears and all seems well. However, it doesn’t play. Not even in the editor. I’m assuming the file extension is invalid, but it does it with .mov and .mp4 and at point, I am too frustrated to continue. Oh, and I also tried to get Blueprint to play it and can’t find the proper method to get it to play.

Basically, I’m trying to get an intro to my game, displaying UE4’s and my team’s Logo/Introduction Movie upon opening the game for the first time. Can anyone help me?

For a startup movie you will want to go into Edit -> Project Settings, find the Movies section and then add in whichever movie you want from there. It looks like they use a *.mp4 file instead of *.mov (which the mediaplayer uses), but you should be able to convert it fairly easily. Here is a screenshot showing where to find :

didn’t do anything. I still cannot play the movies or figure out how to use them in the Begin Play in Level Blueprint. I converted the file to mp4 and did everything you said, but it still crashes when I try anything (stated before). Forgive my frustration, but AAAHHH!!!