Getting a game to play in es3.1 mobile renderer?

How do you get a game to run from play automatically in the mobile preview renderer?

I’m very stuck using:…nreal-engine-4

Is it possible to simply use a “begin play node” connected an “execute console command function” with the command “-FeatureLevelES31” from the level BP, will this work or do I need to create the “IsInMobilePreview” node as in the tutorial as I don’t know how.

Secondly, how do I package the game so that it runs using the mobile renderer automatically, is it simply check *Project Settings → Platforms → Windows → Targeted RHIs → *“FeatureLevelES31” and that’s it? I’d really appreciate some help as pretty stuck with this.

I know that I’m extremely late in this but “-FeatureLevelES31” is not a UE4 console command. It’s a Windows command line argument that you put in when launching the executable.

For testing, press the dropdown arrow next to the play button, go to Advanced Settings, and type it into “Additional Launch Parameters”. Then launch the game in standalone mode.

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I also appreciate more information, but for what I discovered I need to modify the unreal code base, I hope that Unreal will put this option to choose when building “potatoes” PC computers.

You could inform me about any update about it, since this post from the disc jam is 4 years old.