Getting a copy of a blueprint in the scene?

Is there another way? I’d like to not use the level blueprint if possible.

Hi all, so I have multiple copies of a blueprint in the scene.

I would like to move only a few of them with another blueprint.
Is there anyway to select a few blueprints already in the scene and reference them so I can destroy them/ move them around using another BP

Since they are placed in the level i think the easiest way would be to use level blueprint to do whatever you like with them.

Alright, but what if I want to get a specific one?
For example I have both Blueprint_cellwall and blueprint_cellwall2
(they’re the same blueprint but different copies in the scene) and I just want to get a reference to blueprint_cellwall2 ?

EDIT: Alright, I got it. what I did was add a variable array which takes in the blueprint type I wanted, then I exposed it to spawn. Works now. Thanks!

You can make use of Get All Actors of Class function in the other BP if you like. It’s fine to use the level BP if you arent dealing with dozens of actors though.