Getting a better 3D look in my materials (e.g. stone walls)

How would I go about getting a more three dimensional look, as in the indention of the grout in a brick wall. Here is what I have.
Here is what I’m looking for.

It doesn’t have to be that intense, but mine looks like it’s made of wallpaper compared to the other. Here is my material for it.

The normal maps should create some of that kind of illusion, when it’s got light shining off of it, but you can also use displacement maps in the world position offset for a proper 3d effect. That way it actually changes the geometry of the surface )if you have enough vertices to move around.) Or you can turn on tessellation and use world displacement and/or world position offset with an alpha map. So you’d need a texture where you’ve got all the cracks or indentations as a greyscale image.

Here’s a sphere with a great big dent in it from the world displacement.

Also search the forum for the “Parallax Occlusion” thread. That might give you an alternative.

Everything has specular. Don’t use zero for specular. Try also to put some ambient occlusion for cracks.