GetPartyInterface() returns nullptr

I’ve been trying to get parties to work. When i run my project as a standalone i can see in my logs that OnlineSubsystem->GetPartyInterface() returns nullptr for me.

I found this post:

Where Ssamuraiss said that Epic has the only working party system and could provide the code but that was 2 years ago and I’ve found 
I’m using steam as my subsystem, it works with SessionInterface and IdentityInterface but not with PartyInterface. 
What am i missing? Do i need to add module or something to DefaultEngine.ini?  Or is Epics code still the only way to go?

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I have the same problem! If you find the answer let me know!

"We would like to support the Party interface on other platforms. But, currently it is only available via our own Epic online service which is only used internally at this point. " - Epic

Find some other way, epic havent shipped the code for it to work