GetMeshDescription Package Error and VertexAttributes().SetAttribute Tangent Issue

Object bounds dont work after VertexAttributes().SetAttribute and materials lost their opacity. I think it’s about tangents and normals.

Also GetMeshDescription gives package error as ‘GetMeshDescription’: is not a member of ‘UStaticMesh’

I can create same effect with “Editable Mesh” and get vertices from a custom recursive GetSectionFromStaticMesh function. But EditableMesh is not part of UE5. I dont want re-write my plugin again for Geometry Scripting changes. Also in my opinion, getting vertices from ProceduralMesh is a bad approach.

So, I created issue for both of them for detailed explenations.
Is there any who can help with them ?

Thank you very much for your times !

I converted it to ApplyTransform and issue is about Building not Vertex Attributes.
BuildFromMeshDescription does nothing and Build() just broke opacity also Bounds.Origin remains same.

Also I tried to create new mesh description > reserve vertices → create vertices → BuildFromMeshDescription. This time pivot is true but there is no visualized mesh. I think I need a polygon or tris calculation. But dont know how.