GetAllSocketNames bug?


I’m trying to list the sockets for a skeletal mesh using GetAllSocketNames(), however, it appears to be broken. Looking at the engine code the method I’m using is:

TArray<FName> USceneComponent::GetAllSocketNames() const
	TArray<FComponentSocketDescription> SocketList;
	QuerySupportedSockets(/*out*/ SocketList);

	TArray<FName> ResultList;

	for (const FComponentSocketDescription& SocketDesc : SocketList)

	return ResultList;

Except, the method call to QuerySupportedSockets(/*out*/ SocketList); is where the issue lies. I went to the definition and it seems it’s an empty method, which is why it’s not returning any socket names.

void USceneComponent::QuerySupportedSockets(TArray<FComponentSocketDescription>& OutSockets) const

I’m still relatively new to UE4 so please make me aware of anything I might have missed here.