Get Vector from Material

I simply want to get a Vector3 value out of a Material. I don’t need to edit it, just get its value.
Unfortunately, the only exposeable parameters I can find are inputs, not outputs. I can’t figure out for the the life of me how to get that… it SHOULD be quite a simple operation

Maybe you can make the Texture Sample into a Paramter so you can get information from it in BP.
You do so by right clicking the TS, name it something, then from blueprint if you have a ref to the dynamic material instance can get paramaters


Hello Dinfael,

the setup you’ve shown us simply doesn’t allow for it to return a value. Unless you write those values out to a buffer, you won’t be able to get the color directly from a fragment inside a shader (which gets executed on the gpu, (idealized to) per pixel (fragment) simultaneously) to your game thread (cpu).
However you can access the texture by itself, or the g-buffers (I assume your working with the deferred renderer).

Hope that helps. Just let me know if you have any questions, or need further help.