Get the noise tag from the OnHearNoise

Im using the pawn sensing component and I need to get the noise tag associated with the noise, I have the same actor doing different noises and I want the AI to react differently to them, I tried using the noise tag:

**// Make a noise for the other AI Controllers to hear
MakeNoise(selfPawn->maxVolume, selfPawn, selfPawn->GetActorLocation(), 0.0f, FName(“Alert”));

But I found no way of retrieving the tag from the OnHearNoise delegate, is there any way to access that?
Thank you

Do you have “pawn noise emitter” on the AI making the noise?

I have and I’m detecting the sounds, my delegate looks like this
void ACarnievilAIController::OnHearNoise(APawn *OtherActor, const FVector &Location, float Volume)


const FString TagDesc = FString::Printf(TEXT(" at volume %f"), Volume);  

FString message = TEXT("I ") + selfPawn->GetName() +  TEXT(" heard ") + OtherActor->GetName() + TagDesc;  

GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 5.f, FColor::Red, message);  

// TODO: hearing logic


in case it helps but as you see I only get the instigator, location and volume, where could be the tag located?

Sorry Im not to sure about c++ logic guess I should of read that lol, but its easy to set up in Blueprints but I know you probably want help in C++.