Get socket location and set Vector parameters value

there is just one connection that we need.
i will show in the picture. we just need a converter between two values.—>

Get “R_eyeController” joint’s translate values

(x,y) and set them into “vector parameter value’s” R and G slot.

if you want you can see in the video

If I understood it correctly then right click on both pins and select “Split Struct Pin”

Thank you so much. but the last issue is how can i make update the values which is getting from the"R_eyeController"s X and Y values?

when i run game it takes values once. doesn’t update.
showing in the picture.

That’s because Begin Play fires only once at the beginning. If you want to update every frame then use Event Tick (can be costly if misused/overused)

i completed ) thank you so much god bless you MacGowss