Get screenshot with alpha using Blueprint

The idea is I have an object and a couple dozens of cameras around it and I need to capture hi-res images from those cameras with transparent background. I’m aware about Hi-res screenshot tool, but not sure how can I ‘automate’ it and get all images by one click.
Is it possible with Blueprints? What node do I need?

You can mask the background easily:

For the automation, it would be a matter of moving the camera between preset points or place cameras manually if you can be bothered. Use a timer to switch between them; not sure how much time is needed for a hi-res screenshot - that will depend on the target machine.

This would rotate the camera and take a screenshot every .5s based on Shots To Take:

Image from Gyazo

If you prefer multiple cameras, add them to an array, fetch the next element using Shots Remaining, switch to the new cam and then take a screenshot.

Very cool!

Thanks a lot for automation node setup!
But color masking isn’t working for me, as I have some semi-transparent surfaces, and I have no way to know what colors will be on my object, so I do not know what color I can use for masking. I really need alpha-channel

Did you implemented what’s in the video? It’s not using color, it’s using depth and post process. To simplify, you choose an object and everything else goes away. Or the other way round, up to you.

I’ve checked the video, and it doesn’t work with transparent things like glass, so I really need alpha channel from the camera being written to the output .PNG/.EXR file as transparency

Hi I tried the same thing but in the output i am able to see background. I want transparency in that place. Can you help me how can i do that