get RenderTarget reference in blueprint

Hi all,

I have an actor blueprint which contains a SceneCaptureComponent2D whose TextureTarget T is set. How can i get RenderTarget T reference in my blueprint please ?

I’d like to use some c++ code in order to read RenderTarget pixels

You can just do “Get Texture Target” in blueprint.

I made a plugin already called BlueprintMaterialTextureNodes that exposes all that functionality. You probably just need to enable it. It was either in 4.18 or 4.19, can’t remember.

Note the functions are all called EditorOnly because they aren’t meant to be used at game time due to incurring a gpu/sync sync. If you need to use this at runtime then you will likely need to write a more advanced system that reads back the value either async of buffered a frame behind.

thank you for your help