Get Random Reachable Point in Radius not working after AI moving

I don’t know if I should have put this in the bug report section, but here is my question:

I am trying to recreate a wander behavior, so I set up my behavior tree and level like this:

My code in the task BTT_Roam is the following:

When it executes, it generates a random location with Get Random Reachable Point in Radius, then it stores it in a variable and then it instantiates a debug sphere at the point location and it moves the AI Character to that point.
However, when I hit play, the point is not always reachable:

If I omit the move to location node and I finish the execution immediately, after instantiating the debug sphere:

Then it works as expected, the point is always reachable:

Why does this happen? Is this a bug?

Hey Pedro Palacios,

I’ve tested this myself in a clean project, but I’m not seeing the same results. Would you mind providing me with a set of repro steps or even a simplified test project so I can take a closer look at the issue?


I also caught this problem. It’s easy to reproduce.
Create a zone that is blocked by a wall. Get a random accessible point in the radius, depending on the location of the player’s character. If the player moves forward to the wall and does not get stuck (in the corner), this function returns the wrong path.

What is the verdict on this? I’m noticing my AI is also attempting to go to places it can’t actually go.