Get random data table ROW NAME?

I created a data table, the row names are all unique integers (A1 is empty). I have selected the appropriate data table name but the ‘Row Name’ node only lets me slect from a drop-down list.

How can I get it to load a random row name from the table? Doesn’t seem to be much I can put into that node.

In the right-click menu, if you search for data table you’ll see a node called “data table row names”. Selecting the same data table you get an array of all the row names.

Then, you can Get() the Name of any index of the array. The Index could be randomized between 0 and the arrays Last Index().

If the row names are integers that are sequential, you could get a random integer, and convert it into an FName that you would feed into the node. You do not have to manually specify a value from the dropdown.