Get player VR location and rotation, dump in csv file

I started using unreal three days ago (not even) but cannot believe I did not do so many months ago.
I’m really trying to get this part to work , though.

  1. start at time 0, get the playerID and game ID
  2. find teh player location and the sun position and how much fog there is (presumbly)
  3. make sure that things are metric and milli.
  4. dump it all in an array for the playername-gamename in the filename.
  5. quit at exactly a max number of minutes (set by me, the devloper)

So, it seems there are all kinds of pro tuts for the other way around on assets - and I want to learn those but for now, i want it the other way around: what is going on inside, save it and release to the real csv-world.

I would be hugely grateful to learn and see what i should add here in blueprint not c++ (yet) if you think you know.