Get overlapping actors and displaying floating text above child actors

I currently have a weighted loot table that will drop items based on a raffle system. When an enemy is killed, it drops a loot item. I’m working on having floating text display the name of the item that is dropped but I’m currently doing it through a widget.

The problem is, I’ve got a parent “LootDropGen” item, which has 5 child class blueprints from it, ranging from rarity of 1 to 5. I’ve got a widget component attached to the parent class (“LootDropGen”), but I’m changing the text of the widget by binding it, it will get the display name of the character’s overlapping actors, and make that the text. It does work, but as you can imagine, if I overlap 2 items at once, it will display the same text for both dropped items, despite them being different loot items.

How do I get the display name of only the child classes and display them individually? I can’t seem to target the child classes’ inherited widget component. And I realise that I am using get display name node which is not great, I have a text variable for each child of the parent but not entirely sure how I go about referencing them all without lots of manual work?