Get Orientation and Position Bug?

I using BP.

Position Tracking works but using Get Orientation and Position BP and “Get Position”->“Print String” return 0,0,0
“Device Rotation” works fine.

Forum thread:

Howdy knack,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I just need a bit more information from you before I begin investigating. Would you be able to share the blueprint setup that you are using to see this issue? Also, can you provide your project log files and your DXdiag? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

there is nothing special in my project, anyway i create a new BP first person game,

event tick->print string

for print “Device Position” from “Get Orientation and Position”, play standalone–>alt+enter and not work, result its 0,0,0

It’s a bug that seems to have been intentionally added and it was applied to other HMD’s as well seeming to break backwards compatibility by changing the API.

If you look in FOculusRiftHMD::GetCurrentOrientationAndPosition you will find this comment.

// @TODO: we can't actually return just CurHmdPosition here, it should be rotated by CurrentOrientation.
// Another problem: if we return rotated position here, we shouldn't apply position in CalculateStereoViewOffset, otherwise the
// position will be applied twice.
// Currently, position will be applied automatically in CalculateStereoViewOffset and adjusted on Render Thread by UpdatePlayerViewPoint()

What you will want instead is to have this code here. It makes most sense to return a raw value untransformed for the moment at the least
CurrentPosition = LastHmdPosition = CurHmdPosition;

Also the code for positioning the camera has been hard coded as well into CalculateStereoViewOffset which is fine if you want to do it exactly as it’s doing but its wrong in several potential cases (its only correct in the case of the only transform on the camera is the HMD rotation plus a translation).

Should note you will want the transformed version if you aren’t doing anything special with the HMD position that requires the untransformed version.

just a fast test seems work with the latest update.

Hey knack,

Just wanted to check in with you before closing this issue. You are currently able to see the Orientation and Positioning working correctly, right? If not, please do let me know so that I may further investigate.


i check fast and seems work, but was a fast check, at least i not get 0,0,0.

Close if you want when i try with more time if something wrong i reply.

Still I’m getting this problem in HTC VIVE ,I’m Not getting what is the behavior of the “ResetOrientationAndPosition”.