'Get MotionControllerLeft Thumb_X' does return 0 on SteamVR since last update

Since last Update to 4.15.1 the node “Get MotionControllerLeft Thumb_X” always returns 0 for the HTC Vive Controllers.
Funny: The node “Get MotionControllerRight Thumb_X” works fine.
All other “Get MotionController Thumb *” nodes also work.

The controller itself is not broken. I can read out the value from outside unreal with no problem.


Hey Weberl,

I just tested this in 4.14.3 and 4.15.1 in a new VR Template project and it was working as expected. Keep in mind, if the left thumb pad is not in use (i.e. not being touched or consuming input) it will always return a 0.0

Level Blueprint

VR Preview

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,